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Wi-Fi and Internet

Chervis Wi-fi and Internet

Internet and Wi-Fi Set-ups

The internet has become a must-have component in the modern business structure. The invention of wireless networks became the juice in the system as it made it easier to have portable and more straightforward network use. Although it has plenty of advantages, it also faces some critical issues in terms of setup and security. Chervis Group has a specialized team that can care for your internet needs. Among the internet service we offer are:

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Network Security Assessment and set-ups

The evolvement of the network system has increased network attacks over recent years. This has necessitated the creation of security measures to protect the network against malicious attacks. Using devolved security protocols such as firewalls and encryption technologies, Chervis group technicians provide your business with the best network security setups.

New Network Set-Up

There is always a first time for everything; thus, when you need your Wi-Fi set up, worry less, as Chervis Group Technicians are here to help you set up your Wi-Fi network. Setting up the Wi-Fi necessitates proper configuration and physical setup for the best and most effective use. Depending on the coverage area, setting up of Wi-Fi network can be challenging as it entails careful configurations.


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Boost Wi-Fi Network

Depending on the configuration and network speed, your Wi-Fi could produce weak signals that are unsuitable for effective business operations. We are well equipped to help and solve your weak Wi-Fi signal. We readily offer and significantly improve your Wi-Fi signal for effective use.


Troubleshoot slow Wi-Fi or Internet

The internet can sometimes be slow in operation and costly to your business operations. Various reasons cause slow internet. To distinctively identify the cause, we are equipped with the best troubleshooting tools and technicians. Proper troubleshooting enables quick solving of your network and internet problems.


Connect Devices to a Network

Due to the increase in security attacks, some networks are closed loop, meaning that the network configuration does not allow for the connection of new devices. To add a new device to your network, you will need a professional to configure the network to accommodate another device for practical use. Chervis Group has a specified team that can help in such situations in the shortest time possible.