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Mobile Phones


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We may fix any Issues with your phone

Mobile phones are now a must-have device in any business structure worldwide. The inherent problems facing the use of mobile phones are something that we gladly fix. Phone issues can be expensive and hard to maintain, from data retrieval to setups. Chervis Group has

Improve your phone functionality

Mobile phones have manufacturers who utilize various technologies and software to improve functionality. For example, mobile phones such as Apple use the IOS operating system that requires a good backlog setup. We understand and know ways on how to improve functionality across all mobile models and types

Deploying dedicated apps

Managing apps is critical to any mobile phone as it provides the management with a more granular way to control and secure corporate data. Managing data should be done critically, thus calling for an expert. Chervis technicians are well equipped with the expertise to help you manage your apps.


New Phone Data Transfer & Cloning

Transferring data from the old phone to the new phone is crucial when you need to change your phone. Here at Chervis group, we utilize the most efficient data transfer techniques that facilitate faster and more efficient data transfer.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection Issues

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide an essential connection to the network and other metered connections. Faulty connections can render our phones useless as you have no links to the outside networks. Our technicians are available and strive to troubleshoot and solve your connection issues perfectly.


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Scheduled and Automatic Backups

Backing up files such as photos and videos is necessary for any mobile phone user. Although some term the backing up process as long and tiresome, it is essential. Chervis technicians provide a method of automatically backing up your files, eliminating the need for the long under due process.