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Cloud Computing

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Growing Your Business with cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming a significant trend among major business enterprises. It involves using a network of remote servers rather than a local server. It majorly entails three different types of cloud computing, namely, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platforms as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). Chervis is well equipped with the tools to help your business move and practice proper cloud computing.

amazon web services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services offer reliable, scalable, and cheap cloud computing services. Promoting successful business technological infrastructure as it provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that eliminates the common problems in your IT department. Chervis Group is well incorporated into setting up a well-functional Amazon Web Service for your business.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is among the best cloud computing services you can integrate into your business. Microsoft Azure enables you to realize cost-saving techniques and make your organization more efficient through an open cloud-computing platform. Chervis Group strives to set up Microsoft Azure cloud computing services for your business without no hassle.


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Google Cloud Engine

This customizable compute service allows you to create and run virtual machines on google infrastructure. With optimized security protocols, the google compute engine raises the business operations to the top-notch level. Our technical team is the best in the business as they are vast in google cloud engine compute services.

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Dedicated Server
Self Managed Dedicated Server 4 Core / 32 GB HDD
$292.55 / per month
  • Intel Xeon-D 2123IT
  • 4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2 x 4 TB HDD Storage (RAID-1)
*Disk space includes operating system files, which can be close to 24 GB on a Windows server. Please take that into consideration when choosing a server size that best fits your needs.**SSL certificate is included for free as part of your dedicated server product. If you cancel the dedicated server product, you will lose the associated SSL certificate as well.