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Having a computer or laptop incapable of doing its designated task can be irritating and costly. At Chervis group, we understand that laptops and computers also have their IT needs, and because of this, we have specialized desktop support teams. Desktop and computer needs vary from software to hardware problems. Despite the trouble, our teams are well capable and equipped to handle them. Some of the services we provide for your laptop and computer include;


Software Installation

Setting up and installing computers and laptops can prove to be difficult, especially for those not well used to computers. Worry less as we provide expert installation and professional software setups across all models and types of computers. Our experienced team installs and sets up your computers and laptops, ensuring optimum operation.


Security and Virus Removal

The evolvement of the digital world has resulted in severe and sophisticated virus attacks on most IT systems. There is no need to worry, as we are well equipped with various security containment and prevention protocols to protect your business from harm. Utilizing the best firewall technology, we guarantee quick removal and prevention of viruses from your system.

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Files Back-ups and Recovery

Replacing your old computer with a new one necessitates transferring data and files. Recovery of these items can be achieved through various methods, i.e., cable transfer, cloud retrieval, or retracing of file data. Chervis technicians know their way around cloud retrieval and web transfers ensuring a fast and complete recovery of your data and files.


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Speed up a slow Computer

Slow computers can be frustrating in any business or home computer setting. Although many reasons can cause it, Chervis Group technicians are well equipped with the necessary skill set to detect the source of slow computer process and mitigate best defragmenting procedures to help speed it up.


New PC Set-up

New computer setups are actions that should be handled by a professional. Our technicians are beyond qualified to perform the various setup processes necessary for new setups. They include physical hookups, internet connection, software and windows updates, backup creation, and antimalware setup, among many others.