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cloud computing

Why you should Migrate your business to Cloud

Amazon Web Services at a Glance

Cloud computing is the provision of cloud storage by a provider like Amazon web series. It functions as a pay-as-you-go service. With the cloud provider, you get access to storage, servers, IT services, databases, and computing power. Instead of owning the data servers, the cloud provider owns the server and center. They take up the responsibility of managing and maintaining the data servers, so you don’t have to

What is AWS?

Amazon web service is the largest cloud provider. They are accepted and used by a lot of large enterprises, government agencies and beginner companies to adopt the cloud platform, to save money and function optimally, without worrying about maintenance and management of servers. These customers tend to grow faster.

Chervis Web Services

Beneficiaries Of Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud computing is beneficial to financial institutions, to protect online criminal activities against them.
  2. Game developers use the cloud to allow access to the games they create, to gamers everywhere in the world.
  3. Medical institutions find benefits with cloud as it helps in creating customized medical solutions for patients.

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison..” Steve Jobs

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows flexibility. What that means is, you get access to resources as the business needs. You don’t have stock ahead of use. You get the capacity you need when you need it.
The cloud helps manage costs because you can buy resources only when you need them. And it is a lot cheaper as a variable cost than maintaining and managing the servers by yourself as a fixed cost of your business.
The cloud can be incorporated anywhere in the world. You get access to various applications in various locations within seconds.

Types Of Cloud Computing

  1. Infrastructure as a service – this is the foundation of the cloud. It allows access to computers, networking facets, and space for data storage. The infrastructure as a service allows free movement and control with your technological resources.
  2. Platform as a service – This relieves you of the necessity to manage hardware and operating systems. It gives room to dedicate your effort to installing and administering your applications without worrying about the hassle of obtaining resources, managing software, or figuring out how many resources you might need.
  3. Software as a service – these are applications like web-based email. The provider gives you a product that exempts you from the burden of managing it. The provider takes on the maintenance of the infrastructure. And you focus on deploying the software properly as needed.


Variety functions
AWS has the most features and effectiveness compared to other cloud providers. They have technologies such as databases, storage, machine learning, AI, data analytics, and data lakes, as well as internet resources.  All these allow applications to be moved to the cloud in a cheap, simple, and quick manner. AWS provides a variety of types when it comes to application databases. This allows the freedom to choose the most compatible method that will be effective in delivering the job.

Highly Secured

AWS cloud computing is highly secure. The cloud provider follows the requirements of top enterprises, Military system, and worldwide banks.


AWS is innovative and provides accessibility to new technologies. AWS was involved in the startup of AWS lambda in 2014, which was a non-server computing space that allowed developers to engage their codes with no need of supervising servers.

A large number of users

AWS has the biggest community of partners and customers. Industries of every niche and sizes utilize AWS all over the world. The APN consists of a large number of system integrators who take on the duty of servicing AWS. The platform also has thousands of software providers that integrate their technology to function on AWS.


AWS has been functioning for 16 years, providing a cloud platform for clients worldwide. It is non-comparable in performance and efficiency.